Tesla présente la nouvelle génération de freinage d’urgence automatisé pour piétons et cyclistes

As of 2017, Tesla has implemented an Automated Emergency Interrupt (AEB) system for all of its vehicles. Today, the controller has lost some of its most numerous characters played in its next generation release. AEB card day.

These automatically prevent the driver from moving when the automated system detects the trampling of his father’s runway and the fact that he is on his part. I imagine you see what is really happening in everyday situations, unlike your Twitter partner.

These kinds of features are not new and, in fact, they have been present in one form or another since being included in a version of Volvo’s Automated Braking System in 2009. Safety and Regulatory Agencies like Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have also been testing and promoting these systems for years.

However, all AEB and driver assistance functions are not built in the same way and, in theory, versions of these systems based on vehicles equipped with more advanced sensors and onboard calculations should be more effective in avoiding or prevent collisions in practice. Tesla has made bold claims about the capabilities of its own system, particularly when paired with its internal AI processor technology, which will serve as the “brain” for its future autonomous driving technology in Tesla cars.

Tesla demonstrated these features as part of a celebration of the Tesla Model 3, which received the highest Euro NCAP score for safety assistance features measured according to their test protocols. 2018/2019 assessment.

Image en vedette via Flickr

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